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Wing Foil Beginner Becomes A Champion In Just A Few Months | Wing Foil School

Wing Foil Beginner Becomes A Champion In Just A Few Months | Wing Foil School
Wing Foil Beginner Nía Suardiaz And Xavier Corr, Students Of Our Wing Foil School, Become Champion In Just A Few Months
We are very proud and happy that students of Adrenalin Kite Area have become wing foil champions in just a few months. Congratulations to Nia Suardiaz Munzinger (14 years old) who finished 1st place in the discipline Race and 2th Freestyle Woman and Xavier Corr (14 years old) who finished 2th Freestyle Man, during the Spain Wing Foil League held in Chiclana last weekend of November 2021.
Nia and Xavi started wing foil at Adrenalin Kite Area, after a few lessons we saw the passion, dedication and talent. We knew if they will start to compete even the adults need to be well prepared. We supported them with wing foil gear until they got noticed by sponsors.
Another young champion from our wing foil spot Valdvaqueros is Lucas Roquet, son of Ines and Christophe from Tangana beach restaurant, who finished 1st Freestyle Man. An exceptional achievement by these young athletes.
Final Results Spain Wing Foil League 2021:
Freestyle Man
1. Lucas Roguet
2. Xavier Corr
3. Michael Rossister
Freestyle Woman
1. Marina Alabau
2. Nia Suardiaz
3. Marie Dautrauche
Race Man
1. Gunnar Biniasch
2. Adrian Carbonell
3. Sebastian Ducos
Race Woman
1. Nia Suardíaz
2. Carla Herrera
3. Marie Dautruche
Nia Suardiaz Wing Foil
Sponsored by: WET Watersports & Duotone & Fanatic & ION

Nia at Valdevaqueros Beach

Nia Suardiaz

1th Place Spain Wing Foil League Race Woman

Xavier Corr Wing Foil
Sponsored by: Ak Durable Supply & Freewing

xavier corr

1th Lucas Roquet 2th Xavier Corr 3th Michael Rossister (Michi)

Xavier Corr, Lucas Roquet and Michael Rossister wing foil champions

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