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Wassersportcenter ADRENALINE KITE AREA
Owner: Bernd Jenkner
Email: info@adrenalinkitearea.com
CIF / NIE: (on request)
LOS Majáles 2
11380 Tarifa (Cádiz), Spain
License number Ayuntamiento de Tarifa: Registro del Turismo Activo / Junta de Andalucía:

Apply for all courses, offers, agreements, the entire business relationship and contract management between the Kiteboarding / Wing Foiling/ Surf / SUP / Electric Hydrofoil/ e-One Wheeler / e Step Scooter / SCHOOL ADRENALINE KITE AREA (hereinafter called AKA) and its customers, the following terms and conditions (GTC):

The participant / in explicitly declares that / made him their no objection to the exercise of the kite / wing foiling/ surf / SUP-Sports from a medical standpoint and committed to the instructor via existing health or conditional restrictions to inform (eg asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.) prior to participation. Next, the participant confirms / in at least 15 minutes to swim unaided in open water.

The registration for all Kite / Windsurfing /Foilboarding / Surf / SUP courses is only possible in writing. Minors also need a written consent of the legal representative. The course fees and the rent for borrowed watersports materials have to pay the rental before start course.

Any cancellation of already booked courses must be provided in writing. The penalty for a promised Kite / Wing foil / Surf / SUP course is 50 euros, provided that a new date has not been agreed or another participant can not be provided. In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the beginning of the full course fee for that day is due, unless a new date / participant can be provided.

AKA reserves the right to force majeure (storm, wave, flow, etc.) without notice to cancel the contract, ie to cancel a course / rent short term if the prevailing wind & water conditions for training / lease are not able to satisfy , In this case, the participants an alternate date to the same extent is offered. Will be conducting a course due to force majeure, official measures or other not to be represented by AKA circumstances impossible, the participants can / in this risk does not claim for damages, nor derive a right of withdrawal. Possibly previously made payments will be refunded without interest in such a case. Other claims do not exist.

The participant / in committed everything / do at any disruptions to services it reasonable to contribute to remedying the disruption and to keep any possible damage as low as possible.


– For all courses, always strictly follow the instructions of the instructor and the station staff rotation and comply with the safety regulations and rules for the exercise of water sports.
– The teaching includes instruction on land and in water in theory and practice.
– If unexcused versäumtem or voluntarily chipped lessons not a substitute for the lost time / quality can be claimed. A claim for a refund of the price quote is in any case.
– Students who disturb a course sustainable or create a disorderly conduct on the day that threatened the reputation or integrity of the participants or the organizer may be excluded by exhortation on the performance. This applies without warning also for students who appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs to the course. The participation fee will not be refunded in such cases.
– ADDITIONAL KITESURFING: in all kite lessons with two or more participants (semi-private and groups) are generally trained for security, two students at a kite. It is at the sole discretion of the instructor, whether or not the time from which the personal requirements of participants and the prevailing conditions allow an independent practicing with a kite per person. Therefore, the pairs training at a kite is no reason for the reduction of the course fee.

The lessee / in insured with his signature on the registration form that (KVR) according waterway order (SeeSchStrO) are / You the international distress signal (SOS) and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions known to him and he / she shall be properly trained about the safe management of the respective water sports equipment features. The rental of kitesurf- MATERIAL takes place only after the submission of a corresponding qualification (eg VDWS kiteboarding license Level 5, IKO Level Card Level 3 K or equivalent). but a lack of qualifications provided that after handing over the Kite / Wing Foil / Surf / SUP rental equipment (lack of control of water sports equipment, invasion of evasion and driving rules Endangering other water sports participants or beach visitors) of the subscriber / is disclosed in this or / r, contrary to the predetermined instructions, AKA reserves the right to feed the material. Payments already made will not be refunded in this case.

If such a certificate of competency not appear in the kite, the tenant can prove his qualification for the KITE-rental equipment in a practical security checkup under the supervision of an instructor. Unless within the security checkups a lack of qualifications for equipment rental disclosed is to provide in addition to the cost of check-ups and the prorated equipment rental for the duration of the use by the tenant.

In any equipment rental (kite / wing foil / surf / SUP material as well as accessories such as wetsuits, harnesses, Impact vests, helmets, jackets, etc.) adhere to the principle tenant personally lost equipment with its value. Also, participants will have to pay all costs of any rescue operation to transfer back to his / her person and of his / her equipment made available in this case. For the transfer back to her person and the rented or own material from the lake by the lifeboats of the “Sea Angels” (local, private company), corresponding Rescue Cards (seasonal valid vouchers) be purchased at the AKA water sports center.

The safety and operational readiness of the kite / wing foil / surf / SUP equipment is ensured by regular inspection. Nevertheless, the participants are required to check the equipment before use. In the interest of all parties involved, each participant / in obligation is even and / or externally caused damage to be reported immediately.

If the operational readiness of the Kite / Wing Foil / Surf / SUP equipment is no longer ensured by not following the instructions of the instructor or through negligent or intentional behaviors of the subscribers for which there is created by the fact finding and troubleshooting time loss not entitled to compensation by the participants.

kite surfing is a sport whose practice entails the risk of injury by moving in three dimensional space, which can not be even with careful instructions by trained personnel fully rule. AKA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR HAZARDS THAT NECESSARILY BY Kite / Wing Foil / Windsurfing / Surf / SUP SPORT IN CONNECTION. THE PARTICIPANTS / IN THIS TAKES RISKS IN PURCHASE. Participation in all courses and activities, using rented material as well as the arrival and stay at their own risk, expense and responsibility of the participants.

Next AKA assumes no liability for damages incurred by the participants during the practice of the sport through the fault of another student or third parties. For health damages and damages resulting from a health or conditional impairment (asthma, allergies, epilepsy, etc.) of the participant / in result, AKA is not liable. There is no liability for loss or damage to the property of the participants and for not participating in class people.

The participant / in is obliged to treat the provided Kite / Wing Foil / Surf / SUP material including related accessories (Neo, harness, etc.) carefully after the course / return all the rental and is liable for willful or grossly negligent damage or Loss.

Are used to perform an event other companies in charge of assets, the liability for communicating with the individual services claims is handled by the company.

AKA liable for the conscientious course preparation, careful selection and monitoring of service providers, the correctness of the course announcement and the proper provision of contracted power and the conscientious performance of the inspection to ensure the operational readiness of the kite / wing foil / surf / SUP material. Liability for the student takes AKA only in the context of completed liability insurance. Private insurance claims have priority in case of damage.

AKA encourages all participants to check whether their own liability and accident insurance covering the Kite / Wing foil /Surf / SUP sport and otherwise take out an appropriate water-liability and accident insurance.

On all travel arrangements acting AKA solely as an agent and not as an organizer. Consequently, while the Conditions of the organizer apply. To book a trip, a deposit must be provided. The entire amount must be paid at least one month prior to travel. If a cancellation by the participant / the deposit will be retained. In case of cancellation by the organizer or the intermediary, the entire amount will be refunded.

Legal basis gem. EC Regulation 2016/679 DSGVO: Article 6 1f) DSGVO when visiting the website (IP address / cookies) Article 6 1a) / 1b) DSGVO for address collection for the purpose of booking, and the services contained therein…. such as kite or wing foil, rent, kite or wing foil training comprising the entire plus water sports as well as other sport activities (Indo boards, electrical sports equipment such as One-wheel, etc.) of the water Sportcenters AKA. In principle, personal data is only collected if you provide it to us voluntarily under an order or to register for an event (such as an event, training, reservation or rental). We use the information from them without your express permission, solely for the respective detection purpose. The organs of AKA or other on behalf of AKA active persons are prohibited to process personal data for purposes other than those specified in the data collection to announce, make available to third parties or otherwise use. All stored data are to be protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures against disclosure to third parties. This obligation shall also about leaving the company out. For detailed information about the handling of your data in the privacy notice at the Water Sports Center, AKA and on our website. All stored data are to be protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures against disclosure to third parties. This obligation shall also about leaving the company out. For detailed information about the handling of your data in the privacy notice at the Water Sports Center, AKA and on our website. All stored data are to be protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures against disclosure to third parties. This obligation shall also about leaving the company out. For detailed information about the handling of your data in the privacy notice at the Water Sports Center, AKA and on our website.
During the sports courses, if necessary, made photos and videos of AKA. The copyright and image rights are alone among the participants. By participating in the courses / camps participants AKA grant the right, free of charge to use the pictures for other advertising purposes. If a participant / in on which it is visible / not agree to the release of material, it may at any time revoke the license to use it /.

AKA reserves the right at any time to change the contents of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as well as the website.

The invalidity of individual provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions (GTC) result.

Wassersportcenter ADRENALINE KITE AREA
Owner: BERND Jenkner
CIF / NIE: On request.
LOS Majáles 2
11380 Tarifa (Cádiz), Spain Academic License number Ayuntamiento de Tarifa: Registro del Turismo Activo / Junta de Andalucia:

WITH MY SIGNATURE on the registration form CONFIRM I to be at least 18 years old and the PARTICIPATION and liability as well as the TRAINING AND RENTAL CONDITIONS (GTC) READ, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT THIS.