Kite Gear Rental in Tarifa

You know how to ride upwind or do a big air? Grab the latest kitesurf gear of Duotone, ION, Eleveight or Brunotti and take it out on your next kite adventure

Rent kitesurf gear in Tarifa

Rental prices of a complete kitesurf set
Rental periodPrice
1 Hour50 €
2 Hours60 €
3 Hours70 €
4 Hours80 €
1 Day90 €
2 Days160 €
3 Days225 €
4 Days280 €
1 Week395 €
Complete pricelist incl.accessories

Rental include: Kite, bar and board (excluded kite foil), clothes storage, shower facilities and easy parking. Kite foil boards + 15 €.
Gear: You have the choice out of extensive range of high quality kite gear. Kite sizes: 3-17 m2, Boards: bi-directional, freeride, freestyle, light wind, direccional wave and foil
For any additional days, special deals or anything else you require, please use our contact form or call
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