Lessons and rentals terms and conditions

Lessons and rentals terms and conditions
Adrenalin Kite Area offers the following service for kids and adults:
  • Teaching kitesurfing, wing foil, efoil and surf to beginners
  • Lessons per hour for experienced water sports enthusiasts
  • Kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf equipment rental
-Adrenalinkitearea: ADRENALINKITEAREA water sports center and all employees
-Student: The participants and/or participant of a service or product of Adrenalinkitearea
-Activity: A kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf lesson rental and/or other organized service or product by or from ADRENALINKITEAREA
-Right of withdrawal: The student’s option to cancel a purchase within the reflection period
-Reflection period: The time within which the student can make use of his right of withdrawal
-Change: Move the activity to another moment and/or make changes to the composition of the number of participants and/or form of an activity.
1 Applicability
-These lessons and rentals terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation and agreement that is concluded between ADRENALINKITEAREA and a counterparty.
-These conditions apply unless it is agreed in advance to deviate from the conditions. Spanish law applies to every agreement between ADRENALINKITEAREA and a counterparty.
2 Offers
-Offers issued by ADRENALINKITEAREA may contain lessons proposals or time schedules.
-Indicated prices include IVA (taxes). Offers from ADRENALINKITEAREA are valid for 14 days, unless otherwise indicated.
3 Agreements
-Agreements between ADRENALINKITEAREA and the other party can be concluded in writing or orally.
-The person who books an activity for other persons is jointly and severally liable for those persons.
-Written agreements can be concluded by email, whatsapp, via the online booking form or at the desk of the school.
-An agreement containing a booked kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf lesson rental is only final with a written confirmation by ADRENALINKITEAREA
4 Payment
-Participation in activities of ADRENALINKITEAREA is only possible if the activity has been paid for in advance.
-If ADRENALINKITEAREA is not in possession of the total amount due on the day of action of the activity, ADRENALINKITEAREA is entitled to deny the student(s) participation in the activity.
-Kitesurf, wing foil, efoil lessons can be paid by banktransfer. Payment can also be made on site with a credit card or in cash.
-In the event of early departure by the student, the student owes ADRENALINKITEAREA the full price for the agreed activity. Products of ADRENALINKITERAE for which a quotation and/or invoice has been issued must be paid for prior to delivery within the period to be determined in the quotation and/or invoice.
-Reservations for group activities are final after written confirmation from ADRENALINKITEARE and a 20% deposit has been paid by the other party.
Confirmation of the reservation by email once the 20 % deposit has been realized. You can make the payment using a credit card or by bank transfer.
Once the payment has been made, you will receive an e-mail confirming the payment with all the information. You can inform us if there are any mistakes made in the reservation, or if you wish to make any changes.
Cancellations or changes
All reservations must be cancelled within at least 48 hours of anticipation. Of which, you will have a right to a full refund. Cancellation must be made by sending an e-mail, or to contact us by telephone and whatsapp for any comment that you would like to tell us.
In any changes regarding date reservation, you must let us know by e-mail within at least 48 hours of anticipation, or by telephone and WhatsApp.
Cancellations or changes for a reservation date with less than 48 hours of anticipation might not be accepted due to the demand of already existing reservations.
5 Consideration of the risks
-Each student who has entered into an activity agreement with ADRENALINKITEAREA is aware of and accepts the risks and dangers associated with kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup and surf.
-By entering into an agreement with ADRENALINKITEAREA, a student agrees to the difficulty and weight of the activity in which they participate.
-All physical limitations or health risks of a student must be made known to ADRENALINKITEAREA prior to the activity.
-Alcohol consumption before and during the activity is prohibited.
6 Coaching
-Every student who has agreed an activity with ADRENALINKITEAREA is obliged to follow the instructions of the management throughout the activity when these instructions are necessary to ensure a good and safe progress of the activity.
-If during the activity it appears that a student has physical or psychological defects, is guilty of misconduct or otherwise causes or can cause nuisance or nuisance, the student may be excluded from further participation. Any costs arising from this will be borne by the relevant student.
-Kitesurf, wing foil, surf instructors working for ADRENALINKITEAREA are trained according to the rules of IKO, FAV, VWDS.
7 Liability
Participation in activities is at the risk of the participant. Except in the case of intent or gross negligence, ADRENALINKITEAREA is not liable for any form of damage! ADRENALINITEAREA is in any case not liable for damage resulting from:
-Circumstances attributable to the student, such as (not) having an inadequate health or condition, inadequate personal equipment, incorrect action or inaction, overestimation of one’s own abilities or ignoring instructions;
-Consciously or unconsciously categorizing a student or having them classified in the wrong category and/or if the student does not comply with one or more safety regulations and/or his or her condition was not sufficient to practice the activity in question.
-Acts and influences of third parties not directly involved in the execution of the agreement; circumstances that are not attributable to ADRENALINKITEAREA and which cannot reasonably be attributed to ADRENALINKITEAREA under Spanish law or the standards applicable in society.
-Theft and/or damage to student belongings caused by third parties.
-Consequences of extreme weather conditions or other forms of force majeure.
-The student is expected to have appropriate accident, travel and cancellation insurance. ADRENALINKITEAREA is in any case never liable for damage for which there is a claim for compensation under a travel, accident and/or cancellation insurance of the student.
-In the unlikely event that an event does occur that leads to ADRENALINKITEAREA’s liability, this will be limited to the amount or amounts to which the liability insurance concluded by ADRENALINKITEAREA is entitled.
ADRENALINKITEAREA encourages all participants to check whether their own liability and accident insurance covering the kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf sport and otherwise get an appropriate water-liability and accident insurance before you travel.
8 Responsibility of the student
-The student, participant or purchaser of a service or product of ADRENALINKITEAREA is liable for damage caused by the act or omission of himself or third parties authorized by him. The aforementioned damage also includes (but is not limited to) the loss of objects in the sea belonging to ADRENALINKITEAREA.
-If during a kitesurf, wing foil, efoil sup, surf lesson rental, due to the actions or omissions of a student of ARENALINKITEAREA, damage is suffered to equipment of third parties, the costs for this damage will be assigned to ADRENALINITEAREA, unless there is gross intent on the part of the student or the explicit or repeated failure to follow instructor instructions.
9 Right of withdrawal
-The reflection period for products and services concluded online and by telephone is 14 days.
-The reflection period starts on the day of the conclusion of the agreement.
-The student is free to revoke an activity within the reflection period. The agreement will then be dissolved. ADRENALINKITEAREA may ask for the reason for the withdrawal, but the student is free to refuse to give a reason
-Withdrawal must be notified in writing to ADRENALINKITEAREA
– In case of withdrawal, the amount due will be transferred to the student’s account within 14 days
-Costs for return are at the expense of the student
-In the event that a student records a kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf lesson within the reflection period of 14 days, or has recorded it in the ADRENALINKITEAREA schedule, the student agrees to the start of the service and the student declares that he waives the reflection period. The consequence of scheduling a kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf lesson within the reflection period is that the lesson can no longer be revoked
10 Changing the activity
-Kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, suf is a weather dependent sport. Wind force, wind direction, rising and falling tide, rain and thunderstorms all affect the ability to continue an activity. ADRENALINKITEAREA makes every effort to be as informed as possible about the weather forecasts.
-ADRENALINKITEAREA is free to change any activity at any time.
-Changes to an activity will be passed on to the student by ADRENALINKITEAREA as soon as possible.
-Changing an activity by ADRENALINKITEAREA does not lead to a refund of the purchase amount.
-The consequence of changing an activity by ADRENALINKITEAREA is that it will be overtaken by the student at a different time. To reschedule a changed activity, the activity must be valid.
-Only in exceptional circumstances can an activity that has been modified by ADRENALINKITEAREA and which has lost its validity be rescheduled. Whether such an exception exists is at the discretion of ADRENALINKITEAREA.
-For a change by the student to the activity (such as moving the activity) 60 € administration costs will be charged IF ADRENALINKITEAREA is notified of this change within 48 hours before the start of the activity.
11 Partial cancellation of an activity
-In the event that an activity is partially canceled because of the bad weather conditions or illness, you will be refunded for the not finished activity
-The refund cannot be paid out in cash to the student. Cash refund is only possible by cash payments
-Cancellation of rentals are not refunded
12 Validity of a kitesurf, wing foil, efoil, sup, surf lesson
-A lesson is valid for 365 days from the time of booking. This period is considered reasonable, taking into account any weather or schedule technical changes that may occur.
-It is the student’s responsibility to monitor the validity of the kitesurfing lesson. This can be found in the confirmation email.
-A lesson that has expired without it having taken place does not entitle you to a refund of the amount paid.
-An expired lesson can be extended if there is an exception. An exception can be taken to mean: pregnancy or long-term physical or mental illness of the student.
-Exceptions must be demonstrated with evidence (e.g. a letter from the doctor) and are at the discretion of ADRENALINKITEAREA.
-An exception is by definition not being able to complete the lesson due to changes of ADRENALINKITEAREA.
13 Industrial property law
– The exclusive property right of all designs of ADRENALINKITEAREA water sports center on the website and beyond, such as logos, illustrations and designs on clothing and accessories, etc. rests with ADRENALINKITEAREA.
-The texts, layout, drawings, photos, films, logos and other items shown on the website and beyond are protected by copyright or industrial property right.
– Making copies, updating, modifying, translating, editing, publishing, renting and otherwise exploiting all or part of the website without the prior written consent of ADRENALINKITEAREA is strictly prohibited.
-Any infringement of copyright as well as industrial and commercial property right can lead to the initiation of civil and/or criminal proceedings.
14 Other provisions
-ADRENALINKITEAREA reserves the right to use photographic or other recordings taken during the activity for promotional purposes. Objections to this must be submitted in writing within 14 days of admission.
-For hygiene reasons, it is mandatory to wear swimwear under the wetsuits during ADRENALINKITEAREA activities.
At the school you will be asked if you have read, understand, accept and to sign the lessons and rentals terms and conditions. With your signature you confirm that you are aware of the conditions to participate in lessons / courses or to rent equipment. For minors, under the age of 18 years old this acknowledgement must be made by the legal guardian.

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