efoil Lessons in Tarifa

The hardest thing about learn to efoil is to keep your emotions under control. Within 45 minutes you will fly above the water! A great sensation

efoil Tarifa lessons
efoil is easy to learn and a lot of fun to do, no experience is needed.
The efoil lessons teach you how to ride an efoil, safety rules, basic foil techniques, correct weight distribution and positioning on a foil board. The experience gained here will benefit your future foilboard riding
Lessons periodPrice
30 min. 1 pers.100 €
1 hour 1 pers.180 €
2 hours 2 pers.340 €
Time on the efoil
Includes: World’s most advanced efoil Fliteboard, wetsuit, impact vest, neoprene boots, radio helmet and efoil instructor