Surf lessons for beginners in Tarifa

Surfing gives a fantastic feeling. You are free and influence the power of nature. Whether you’re first timer or someone who has tried surfing before, we are here to help you to learn surfing

Surf lessons start with a 15 minutes stretching exercises on the beach, at the same moment the surf instructor teaches you about safety, rules and basic surfing techniques. After that you will go in the water and start to catch waves

Step 1: On the beach. Body positioning
  • Body posture on the surfboard
  • Paddling techniques
  • How to get up quickly and remain your body low
Step 2: In the water. How to position yourself to catch waves
  • How to read a wave
  • How to paddle out with your surfboard
  • Paddle technique for faster paddling
  • How to catch a wave
  • How to turn on a surfboard
Private lessons 1,5 hour120 €
Semi-private 2 persons 2 hours130 € p.p.
  • Surf lessons include: Beginners surf and softboards, leash and wetsuit
  • Free use of the Indo board balance trainer
  • Wetsuits in all sizes available
  • Kids surf lessons all year round
  • Surf season from 15 september till 15 april
  • Lessons are given where the wave is the best in Tarifa
  • Extra: Transport costs from our school to other surf spots on the Costa de la Luz