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Private Kitesurf Lessons In Tarifa

Private Kitesurf Lessons In Tarifa
Private Kitesurf Lessons In Tarifa. Private or individual kitesurf lessons and courses are the most effective and safe ways to learn kitesurfing 
This ensures the full attention and care of the kite-instructor, allows him to help and react directly to the individual needs of the student at any time without any distractions from other students, this is a huge advantage for the student and we believe the right way to teach kitesurfing
The content of the lesson must be attuned to one student and not a compromise between different students whose abilities, learning speed and sportive experiences are never the same. The flexibility of the timing and implementation of the courses, spontaneous changes of time or the kite spot is not given in group lessons 
To teach two beginner students per instructor can also be a good way of learning to kitesurf. Nice for partner, family member and friends who like to share this new kite experience together. The kite gear will be shared, as in an individual lesson we can benefit from all the advantages that the instructor has when solely focused on one student.   
Beside all the advantages for the student we shouldn’t forget about the kite-instructor, who´s mission it is to teach in the safest and best way. They are much more relaxed and can put more energy and effort into his students 
The usage of modern two-way communications systems is in our opinion a must and we offer them for all our courses and lessons in the water. Instructions and warnings can be given in real time, the student can send feed backs, ask questions and never will feel alone
The positive feedback from our students gives us full confidence that our teaching methods are the best way to teach. Our clients learn both faster and safer and appreciate our 100% care philosophy
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