How to become an independent kite surfer

The goal of the Intensive Kitesurf Course is that you can kite independently after your course and have mastered the necessary knowledge and appropriate techniques.

The 5-day beginner intensive kitesurf course forms a solid basis for this and has proven itself in our long training experience as the best course type. You get enough practice time to develop the sense of muscular movement and cognitive skills. Of course, the weather, sporting experience and fitness condition can influence the course duration.
The various courses offered in the kite schools are very confusing and misleading for many kite surfers. What is your intention to take part in a kite course? Try it out and then continue on another vacation or that you learn the sport in one go, can practice it safely and be able to use your own kie gear or borrow something. In order to be able to kite independently.
In order to acquire this knowledge, you need some practical training and an understanding of the theoretical relationships that will shape you into a safe, responsible and considerate water sports enthusiast.

An independent kitesurfer must:
  • Have a safe kite and board control in different wind directions, strength and weather conditions
  • Always to get back to where you started
  • To be able to apply the various right of way rules
  • Danger situations – free yourself from an emergency situation and use appropriate behaviors and techniques
  • Make the right choice of material according to the weather conditions
  • Check the correct functioning of its material
  • Know the specifics of the area and the rules and regulations of its training area
  • Understand aerodynamics when kitesurfing
If you read this as a beginner you will now understand that this is not possible TO LEARN ALL THESE TECHNIQUES  in a few hours or 2-3 days, a 5 day course is realistic to achieve this goal. After completing a 2 or 3 day basic or beginner course, this is practically not possible and can even be dangerous for him or his surroundings if he then practices the sport on his own and with his material.
The theoretical knowledge and understanding has a not inconsiderable part, with which you can preoccupy yourself during the lesson or in advance. The school should provide you with appropriate professional literature such as Make VDWS learn kiting available.
At least one additional theory unit rounds off the otherwise quite practice-related lessons and gives you the opportunity to calmly deal with safety-relevant and other topics and to work on them with the teacher.
The level you have achieved should be documented in a license at the end of your holiday in the form of the levels you have achieved. It enables you to borrow material in the future, or perhaps already on this vacation. If you really want to learn kiting, we advise you to always get a license, even if there are costs in some schools.
Preparing for the kite course brings you decisive advantages and makes itself 100% positive. It can be the guarantee We have dedicated our own article to this important topic and recommend it to you very much. We do not want to discourage you with this article, on the contrary, to protect against disappointment and also risks for you or other people, encourage an intensive kite course to take.
Become An Independent Kitesurfer
Kitesurfing is a sport in which you have to invest time and money at the beginning and an unexpected new world full of great moments, experiences and adventures awaits you. From our long training experience it can be said that almost everyone can learn kitesurfing and, with appropriate training and a little patience, will.
  • If you do not reach your goal within the 5-day course, you can ofcourse extend your course or continue on your next vacation. Here are a few more points that the kite school has to meet and ask so that you can proudly say after your 5-day course that you have become an independent kitesurfer.
  • Lessons with a maximum of 1-2 students to learn individually and to guarantee the full attention of the teacher
  • Modern well maintained kite material and suitable accessories
  • Kite school at the kite spot, for saving time and uncomplicated processes
  • Teaching with use of 2-way communication systems
  • Experienced, motivated and committed teachers
  • Flexibility in teaching design and implementation
  • Kite license issue authorized school
If you have any questions about the preparation course or anything else, I look forward to a personal telephone conversation.
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