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What Does The Voice Of The Kite Instructor Sound Like?

What Does The Voice Of The Kite Instructor Sound Like?
The voice of the kite instructor and why modern radio systems are so important in kitesurfing lessons.
The basis for reliable communication in the innovative and professional kitesurfing training are waterproof 2-way radio systems that enable teachers and students to exchange information and communicate continuously. These systems contribute significantly to the success of teaching and safety and should be part of the basic equipment of every good water sports school.
The basis of any training is good communication between teacher and student, and the prerequisite for the success of the class is a clear and well-functioning communication. In direct feedback, the teacher can give the student tasks, explain techniques, warn of dangers and help avoid mistakes. The pupil can immediately implement the teacher’s instructions and learn from them immediately without wasting time; Explanations afterwards can often no longer be assigned correctly and slow down learning success.
In many sports, the constant proximity of the teacher to his pupil ensures good communication at all times. However, it becomes difficult with most water sports, in which a direct exchange of information is only partially possible or not possible due to the distance and external influences. This not only results in time delays and difficult learning conditions, but also additional risks for the students and other uninvolved people.
The search for a suitable solution to this problem was difficult, and for a long time radio devices attached to or in helmets seemed to be the only possible alternative. Later there were overly expensive helmets with tightly integrated systems, which only offered a moderate connection quality and whose maintenance and repair was almost impossible. Both were fragile and unreliable options with a one-way connection between teacher and student, which did not allow for such a very important dialogue.

  • BBtalkin 2 Way Communication System

Finally, there has been a well-functioning 2-way communication system based on Bluetooth for a few years now: the waterproof headsets from ‘BbTalkin‘, whose transmitter and receiver unit quickly and easily attached to the helmets of teachers and students can be attached. The headsets enable good and constant communication throughout the lesson without the use of hands and can also be independently serviced and components replaced. The constant, immediate exchange in real time not only saves the students valuable time and greater comfort, but also makes a significant contribution to improving safety. The teaching quality is significantly increased and learning success is quicker.
Unfortunately, many water sports schools are still not ready to invest in such radio systems – to the detriment of their teachers, whose work is made more difficult, and even more so of their students, who definitely have to expect more time and probably even more in will invest their course.
And here is an overview of all the advantages:
  • Clear and stress-free communication in both directions.
  • Increased safety through early warning before and in dangerous situations.
  • An increased, personal sense of security, as well as a faster build-up of trust due to the possibility to contact the teacher at any time. Onparticularly important aspect especially for the more anxious students among you.
  • The direct exchange of information in real time leads to faster learning success, shortened the lesson time and can therefore reduce costs.
  • The ability to get quick, easy solutions to problems at any time greater distance from the teacher.
  • A calm, relaxed and flexible lesson design.
  • There is no wild, perhaps unsettling gesturing by the teacher from a distance, also an unprofessional shouting across the beach.
  • An overall lower strain on the body and mind of students and teachers because less stress.
  • The teacher can accompany the student on the water if necessary and away from the beach and Set tasks for beach guests and correct them immediately. This strengthens the self-confidence to cope with surprising situations alone can. This type of teaching is particularly popular with advanced students will be gladly booked.The hands-free use of the radio systems provide more security. The hands can e.g. stay at the control bar at all times and you never have to let go.
  • The radio system is light and comfortable to carry.
  • It has mono and stereo speakers, depending on your preference.
  • Good battery performance and use for many hours without having to charge.
  • The radio system is also great for private sessions with friends on the water for mutual understanding!
  • The most hygienical way of teaching and secure social distance
in addition, new rules are being drawn up by governments with regard to social distancing

Installation and functioning of the ‘BbTalkin’ systems

The small, light transmitter / receiver unit is through a waterproof housing protected and is attached to the helmet diagonally above the left ear on a bracket that was previously positioned in the correct place using double-sided adhesive tape. It looks similar to a ‘GoPro’ camera, just a little bit smaller. The waterproof housing can be quickly and easily attached and detached for cleaning.
There are different microphone / loudspeaker combinations for all standard helmets, including the preferred ‘GATH’ water sports helmets.
These have proven themselves best for our purposes and offer our students the greatest possible field of vision with a comfortable fit. Although they are more expensive than standard helmets, they are also better.
The microphone / speaker combination is attached with a Velcro strap directly above the ear and can be easily removed for maintenance or cleaning at any time.
The integrated cable is connected to the outside of the housing and the black cover is then screwed tight over the cable connection to protect it from water.
Different buttons on the housing are used for volume control and enable the coupling or pairing of individual and / or several radio systems simultaneously. Several, even differently coupled systems can be used simultaneously in the immediate vicinity without problems at any time without being disturbed. They work on free short-range radio via Bluetooth and have a range of approx. 400 – 800m.

In our opinion, 2-way communication systems would help students in many sports, just a few here: surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, wild water kayaking, skiing, snowboarding…. But especially in kitesurfing, Wing foil and electrical foil lessons should not be missing! That is why they have been part of our training courses since years, and our students and teachers are thankful.
If you have any questions about this article or are interested in a ‘BbTalkin’ system for your own use, we will be happy to help you!
Suzette & Bernd
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