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Why Is Fliteboarding The Best Way To Start Your Kite Foiling Future

Why Is Fliteboarding The Best Way To Start Your Kite Foiling Future
How To learn Kite Foiling?
With the fliteboard everyone can learn in an easy way the basics and crucial techniques of foiling in a short time. The experience gained here will greatly simplify the switch to the particular foil sport, shorten the learning time, better understanding  and increase the foiling fun factor. It is the perfect introduction to all foil sports. Even inexperienced board athletes can enjoy this unique new riding experience right from the start.
Hydrofoil technology exist for a very long time and is the logical further development of the optimization of resistance under water. Used in sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing  where now very high cruising speeds both upwind and downwind can be achieved with little wind. Foiling extends the usable wind range enormously and creates new kind of water sports. Stand up paddle surfing and surfing are now also possible in swell waves, and foiling is becoming increasingly popular.

It already caught my attention in 2015, and I started kite foiling, which was only possible with a lot of patience and skill at the time. In order to enjoy controlled foiling while kitesurfing, you had to train for many days, which few were willing to do and gave up before reaching the goal. The further development of foils as well as shorter learning time have made foiling more socially acceptable and safer. However, intensive training is still required to master the first long, controlled trips.
  • Fliteboard is easy to learn
  • You will gain a better understanding of the foiling techniques
  • Gives you more confidence and security
Now the cards are shuffled again, and even inexperienced water sporters enthusiasts can fly over the water after a short time and experience this fascinating technique.
There are more than 3 years of development in the electrical foil boards of the Fliteboard brand available today. A very sophisticated technology and high driving stability, combined with numerous safety features and easier operation by a controller, make the fliteboard very suitable for foil beginners. The professional 3-step teaching methodology in connection with 2-way radio systems, which guarantee a constant dialogue between teacher and pupil, will quickly bring you into higher spheres.
The front leg position on the fliteboard is hardly known in other sports and requires training of a new coordination between body and mindThe fliteboard is powered by an electric motor, speed is controlled via a remote control which facilitates the learning processThe patented drive at the level of the fuselage (the connection from the front to the rear wing) in combination with the large-volume entry-level board creates a particularly high level of driving stability and greatly facilitates balance and control. The driving speed is easily set via the small high-tech hand controller using speed levels and triggers, so that the student can concentrate fully on the new driving technique. It is no longer necessary to produce the cruising speed required for foiling using a sail, kite, wing or paddle because this is done by the electric drive.
  • Kite foiling is more fun if you know how to use it
  • Learn to fly over the water
The fliteboard lessons are generally held in calm conditions and smooth water surfaces. This eliminates disruptive external factors that could disturb the board’s balance and control.
Already in the first lesson, the student makes longer trips on the foil board, and many are quickly able to master decent turns in both directions. The new experiences and motor skills gained during this time let the student understand and internalize this special technique of foiling.
Thanks to the 3-step method of teaching – 1. from lying down to 2. driving on the knees and in the last step 3. standing – we introduce the student step by step to foiling and the correctweight distributionfor board control. The previous sporting experience and general skills that influence learning progress can be incorporated into the exercises in an excellent manner. So everyone in their first lesson will have great success at different levels and will be able to experience how indescribably smooth and beautiful foiling is.
Understanding the correct weight distribution and correct positioning over the board is the basis of almost all foil sports and can be transferred to any other after foiling on the fliteboard. Of course, the impression should not be given that e.g. a non-kiter can start with kite foiling directly after our fliteboard lessons. Foiling always requires a good knowledge and a good level in the respective sport.
Flitboarding is an independent fun sport with unimagined possibilities. It strains, trains balance and coordination and is an incredible asset to the water sports world. We can only recommend each of you to give it a try, regardless of whether you do water sports, can already foil or have no experience.
If you have any questions on this topic or are interested in a fliteboard course, I would be happy to receive letters or even better to have a personal conversation.

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