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What Is The One Wheel & E-Step Scooter Craze For Kids In Tarifa?

What Is The One Wheel & E-Step Scooter Craze For Kids In Tarifa?
Electric Sports Rentals & Lessons At Adrenalin Kite Area
E-Rider Tarifa is our e-project, since 2018, and includes selected, future-oriented activities and innovative sports, many of which are still not widely used in Europe or are still completely unknown. We are constantly looking for new, intelligent and environmentally friendly ADRENALIN toys and spend a lot of time researching, testing suitability and developing teaching methods plans. 
You have the option to book individual lessons, exciting excursions and entire adventure days, which will then no longer only take place at our ADRENALIN Center or Playa de Valdevaqueros, but also at other beautiful places and great locations in the vicinity. Perfect, for example avoiding unfavorable wind and weather conditions (very strong, stormy wind) or not getting bored when there is no wind. Instead, make a bad day for water sports a beautiful, unforgettable day for you, your friends and your family – instead, get to know and maybe learn to love a new exciting sporting activity. So despite a ‘lousy water sports day’, you can still experience an unforgettable day with your friends or the whole family… We can coordinate offers and activities individually, we are very flexible and of course also mobile.
Since your safety is our most important concern, we have extensive protective equipment in various sizes and designs. This is the best basis to get to know and practice our various activities.  
In addition to the practical learning of techniques and the explanation of possible dangers and prohibitions, it is very important to us to impart respectful treatment of its surroundings and nature, consideration for all fellow human beings and the animal world in whose environment we are allowed to move .
Awareness of this should not only be awakened by our youngsters and is an important issue in the course of the new electric mobility and new e-sports.
Let us electrify you …
Suzette & Bernd
©Adrenalin Kite Area

At adrenaline kite area you can learn and rent the following electric sports such as: Fliteboarding, jetsurf, electric sup and kayak, one-wheel and off-road  e-scooter

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