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ESPN efoil in Tarifa promotion video

ESPN efoil in Tarifa promotion video
Worlds number 1 sports channel ESPN visited our school to film efoil as part of the international promotion of Cadiz
The famous ESPN football reporter Martin Ainstein learned how to efoil on the “Fliteboard”, in less than 45 minutes, captured by his film crew. For Martin, this was his first introduction to efoil and he made quickly progress and got really excited about the feel of foiling. The smile on his face said it all.
This ESPN efoil in Tarifa promotion video will be broadcasted in the USA and Latin America before ESPN Spanish football matches to promote the beautiful area of ​​Cadiz and specially Tarifa as an excellent water sports holiday destination.
We would like to thank ESPN and Martin for choosing our school for efoil. Thanks to this great video the beauty of Tarifa and the magic of foiling is spread worldwide
Do you get excited? Do you want to try? Learn efoil at Europe’s best efoil school