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Test of the new wing foil gear for our school

Test of the new wing foil gear for our school
Hi Adrenalin friends,
We hope you have a nice winter and enjoy the best possible at home. We are using the winter months to prepare the new season, check our gear, make necessary improvements and testing material for our center.
There are more wing foil brands, new materials, developments and we want to make sure to offer a selection of only the best wing foil gear for you. Even if its looks all similar, specially in the very new sport wing foiling, there are quality and handling differences, strengths and weaknesses.
Gaastra sent us the new 2022 GA Cross Wings which got tested in different winds. We are very happy about their improvements of all the little issues we had and that they will be again part of our Adrenalin gear. To test the Duotones Unit 2 was a true pleasure and will be offered beside their well know model Slick for lessons and rentals.
The premium brand GOFOIL will be a new partner with their amazing selection of foils (beginner to pro) and different mast lengths. They offer a great performance with their advanced designs and is the first choice of lots of Tarifa local riders. Naish did some interesting changes and will be like the past two years our partner. Soon we ll test the new Fanatic Foils to decide if we will add them to our great selection.
Wing Foil Boards:
To our existing line of customboards of Dani Vallejo, Limit Waves and brands like Fanatic and Naish we will get more of the very light and strong carbon custom boards of our friend Ricardo of Limit Waves in actual sizes. Our successful cooperation with him guarantees access to the most actual shapes and technologies on the market.
We are proud to offer the biggest variety of high-quality wing foils, foils and wing foil boards in Tarifa. You can rent, test and compare a selection of the best wing foil gear on the market to find your dream wing foil set
We ll keep on looking and testing more gear to extend our outstanding assortiment.
I’ll see you soon!

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