Basic beginners kitesurfing course in Tarifa

Try out and learn all the basic kitesurfing techniques. From how to set up to first waterstarts. You will discover the magic of this fascinating sport.

Step 1: introduction and kite control
  • You will learn:
  • The equipment set up
  • Basic safety rules
  • To use the 3 steps safety system
  • To control of a 4-lines kite on the beach
  • To launch and land your kite
Step 2: in the water
  • You will practice:
  • With the kite in the water
  • The body drag and recover of the board
  • To relaunch the kite from the water
  • To get ready for the water start
Step 3: first water starts
  • With the kite and the board in the water
  • Preparation for the water start
  • The sequences of the waterstart
  • First water starts and rides
  • Duration: 6 Hrs. / 3 Days / 1 Hr Theory 1 Person
  • Duration: 9 Hrs. / 3 Days / 1 Hr Theory 2 Persons

1 person510 €
2 persons495 € p.p.
Complete beginners kitesurfing course