Learn how to eFoil in Tarifa
Learn Fliteboard
eFoil is not only a lot of fun but is also easy to learn. No experience is needed. Within 45 minutes you will fly above the water! eFoil is a great tool for kitesufers, wing surfers and windsurfers who want to start foiling. The efoil gives in a fast way a better understanding of foiling techniques.
  • You will learn:
  • The basics about e-foils
  • Respectful usage
  • Safety rules
  • You will practice:
  • How to control
  • Foil on your knees
  • Standing up
  • Turns
  • You will improve:
  • Balance
1 Person 30 minutes: 100 €
1 Person 60 minutes: 180 €
2 Persons 30 minutes: 180 € (1 Fliteboard)
2 Persons 60 minutes: 340 € (1 Fliteboard)
Includes: e-foil Fliteboard, wetsuit, impact vest, radio helmet, neoprene boots, efoil instructor

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