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How efoil speeds up the wing foil learning process

How efoil speeds up the wing foil learning process
efoil is a very handy tool if you want to learn all the aspects of foiling in an easy, fast and fun way.
The development of foiling is an ongoing process, the foils have more strength and maneuverability, foil boards are getting smaller and the wings give more stability. The great advantage of all these developments is that the learning process takes less time. However, intensive training is still required to become an independent wingfoiler
The efoil lessons teach you the basic foil techniques and correct weight distribution and positioning on a foil board.The experience gained here will benefit your wing foil future
If you have any questions or interested in efoil lessons, please contact us and we will answer directly
Give it a try, you will be suprised how fast you make progress in less than one hour!

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