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Test Appletree carbon foil boards in Tarifa

Test Appletree carbon foil boards in Tarifa
We welcome Appletree carbon foil boards at our water sports center in Tarifa
The Appletree 100% carbon foil boards are well thought out and unique in the foil industry. Not only in their shape, but especially in their construction. Appletree use their own production method and facilities to build the stiffest fully carbon foil boards on the market. A stiff board will give you more control and better response from the foil. It’s more direct.
What makes Appletree really unique is the use of 50k foam, exclusively formalized for Appletree, is not used by any other kite foil board manufacturer in the market. The big advances of 50K foam is that it is a closed cell, meaning that the foam will not take in water, the board will not expand when it gets too hot and any small crack does not need immediate repair.
All Appletree custom kite foil boards are available in different strengths and weights options. To find your ideal foil board you have the chance to test the super stiff and strong high end carbon foil boards at our school at Valdevaqueros in Tarifa. We help and advice you on how to choose the right foil board
Contact us for free demo of the new Appletree foil boards:
Malus Domestica kite strapless
(at the school the glass fiber version)
Appleslice V2 5’0 83l
Jazz freestyle 4’6 42l wing foil board