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Kitesurf And Wing Foil Lessons Accompanied By An Instructor In A Boat

Kitesurf And Wing Foil Lessons Accompanied By An Instructor In A Boat
The best and most exclusive method for learning kitesurf or wing foil is to be accompanied by an instructor in a boat and to learn at the best spot and away from the crowd.
Kitesurf or wing foil lessons with support of a Zodiac motor boat is the most efficient, safest and successful way. The constant proximity of the teacher to the student allows for real time recognition of any potential issues enabling instant implementation for the fastest improvement. Lessons from a boat gives the opportunity to select the optimal spot according to actual conditions. Energy-sapping running upwind is completely avoided and possible dangers from other water sports enthusiasts or area-related disadvantages no longer exist.
In this article we will demonstrate to you the benefits of teaching kitesurfing or wing foil from a boat. It is based on our personal experiences and very positive feedback for the students.
Highest possible level of safety through the proximity of an instructor and a qualified rescue trained captain. Waves close to the beach (shore break) do not have to be crossed by the student with the wing foil equipment. Exercise area can be easily chosen away from other water sports enthusiasts and possibly area-related hazards. 
100% attention to the student through due to the short distance and better observation for the correct execution of the exercises, improvements can be made even more precise. New techniques can be demonstrated quickly and clearly.
ncreased sense of security due to the constant proximity of the teacher. Energy-saving and more efficient learning. Rest break possible at any time.  
Time saving change of wing foil sizes. Wings can be set up on the boat. Change of the wing gear with an eventual partner within seconds. The gear doesn’t have to be carried upwind.
Weather And Training Area
Reach the most suitable exercise area safely, quickly and effortlessly. Greater independence in the case of unfavorable wind and wave conditions near the beach. High quality instruction even with on and off shore winds.
Our students and teacher both love the wing foil and kitesurfing lessons with a boat. Beside all the advantages it also adds a taste of adventure to drive on the ocean upwind on the way to the best spots. A great service which is worth the extra cost and highly recommended.
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