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Where To Learn Wing Foiling In Tarifa

Where To Learn Wing Foiling In Tarifa

Wing Foil Lessons And Rentals

To learn Wing foiling is much easier and safer than the most people think. Last year we saw the first wings at the Naish event in Tarifa and we had to try this new way of surfing and foiling. Now we know it’s a great sport even for not experienced students. We have developed the right teaching method.
  • Learn how to control and handeling of the wingfoil on the beach.
  • Learn how to steer a wingfoil on a big stable SUP boards (with center fin to ride all directions).
  • Learn how to ride a wingfoil in the water on a SUP Foil and you are ready to fly.
The 2 way communication system ensure that you get the right information when needed.
Wing foiling was not designed to ride faster or jump higher. It’s all about carving around, having fun and bringing the wind element to water sports enthusiasts that have only experienced wave riding and have never sailed before or never did both of it.
We rent and give lessons with the NAISH S25 WING SURFER
Send us a whatsapp if you have any questions.
Suzette  & Bernd
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